Whoa Mama

Monday, April 11, 2005

The Right Shoes

The precursor to this awesome Sam-ism is as follows: The former owners of our house had a water garden in the backyard. They put the fish in the basement in a tack before they moved, leaving them for us for the next year. Well, Sammy + Aidan + Noah + Rocky = no water garden for us. We have one-by-one flushed these fish and now have just one cheese who stands alone. Every so often Sammy and I go down and feed the fish and just generally visit with them. I always wear flip-flops on these excursions. When Sammy got his new sandals last week, he put them on, looked up thoughtfully and announced, “Now I can go in the basement and see the fish!” Like all that was standing between him and a basement free-for-all was the right shoes!


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