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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Triple Jogger

I'm in the market for a triple jogging stroller. I know, just the phrase sounds obscene. I have no intention of jogging, running orotherwise moving beyond a regular walk. I think that the "regular walk" actually counts for marathon running if I'm pushing 70 lbs of dead weight.

So these puppies are expensive!! (the jog strollers, I mean, not the babies. They are too, but my point here is the stroller) There are only 3 kinds that are on the market:
  1. The Industry Standard: The Jogger Stroller brand. It is available in limited quantities starting in May. Really just want to get the thing so that I can get these babies out of the house and wiggle my jiggle.
  2. For the Family Whose Nanny Will Be Walking Their Triplets: The Mountain Buggy brand. Almost twice as expensive as the Jogger Stroller. Available now. I'll sooner put on a Mama Cass mumu than pay $800 for a stroller.
  3. The Opportunist Piece of Garbage: The Safetech brand. Available on eBay only. Red flag anyone?? Cheaper, by all accounts in every way.

So I'm left waiting for either luck to smile upon my chance on eBay or wait until May. Of course, no one will ship these monstronsities, so you have to get one from a local vendor on eBay or have a friend close to where the seller is who is willing to help you out in a huge way! Then when all hope was lost, A TRIPLE JOGGER STROLLER IN AMHERST!!!! I'm biding my time until the last minute b/c I don't want to drive up the price and certainly don't want to loose it. I am finding myself hating "gentzel123", my obvious competition. Really I want to contact him/her, split the cost and share the thing! It isn't as if he/she is any less desperate than I am and certainly anyone considering this sort of investment has three small children...we are all in it together! Stay tuned. The auction ends tomorrow. It will be mine!! And you'll know me as the svelte lunatic shoving cheerios and animal crackers at her children to keep them happy on our 5th rotation of Delaware Park.


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