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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Some of my favorite people are geeks. I am in fact the mother of at least one junior geek. I don't mean the pocket protector kind. I mean really smart, hard-working, really smart and maybe just a little socially awkward, if only for a period, folks. My nerd herd is heavily represented by guys, with homage to Debbie and Marsha, who are and always have been fabulous women in a male dominant sub-sect. I don't mind saying that this focused, principled, kind, assiduous crowd that I have been privileged to know would run into traffic for a friend and are some of the best parents, especially in the face of unimaginable challenges. We have been recipients of amazing support, love and generosity throughout this unpredictable year. As a side note, we had three separate families, to whom we are unrelated, offer us a place to live. Something that even today moves me to tears and for which I will be grateful for the rest of my life. You know who you are. Think about that. We are a family of 5 humans, a cat and a dog. This circus doesn't travel lightly! Saying thank you then and now seems so small. So T&E, A&B and H&C, truly there are no words.

This post was initially headed towards how I victoriously conquered my iPhone and all of its mysterious technology. Yet as I typed I realized that was not going to happen. It seems so silly now and I'm not funny enough to stick the landing with any good humor. So I will say this, Scott and the boys and I are so blessed to have the people in our lives that we do. In no way do I mean to diminish all of our family, who been unwavering and enduring in their love and support, but I want to say thank you.

Thank you to our friends who have offered to help in ways that I didn't even know I needed. Food, child care, commiserating and turning me around to dive back into the chaos to get it all done.

Thank you.

For your time, insight, sympathy, boxes, texts, humor, meals, energy, booze, hugs, references, phone calls, strong backs, emails, reason, unannounced visits, compliments, tape, balance. Thank you to friends coast-to-coast, new and old, who bless our lives. We are happy and whole and better for having gotten roughed up a little and lived to tell about it.

And now let the inane banter resume aided by the 24/7 access of my fully operational iPhone.


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