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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Little Morning Snapshot

These were just a few of the nuggets shot out from the cheap seats on the way to school:

Who is Gramma's Gramma? (my Great Gramma)
When can we live in Canada? (never)
Can I have chocolate chip cupcakes for my birthday? (yes)
How old are you? (36)
How old is Daddy? (36)
Where is you Mommy's Magic Bag? (it's secret)
How do the things get in your Magic Bag? (magic)
The grass is Irish! It is green.
Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? (yes) If Vena isn't here today than Vivianna is the Special Helper today.
Mrs. Donnelly lets me put my feet on her lap when she ties my shoes. (You can put your shoes on me. You just can't put your dirty shoes on me before church)
Who lives downstairs from us? (His name is John)
Who is his wife? (he doesn't have one)
Well then where are his kids? (he doesn't have any) - this bought some confused silence.
Where does he work? (on his computer)
Why is the girl who keeps the children safe not at the corner? (The crossing guard is gone because all the children are at school already.)

And after this funny little chatter, so were we.


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