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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Damn BufBoPloFo or whatever it's called

It is 9:30 on Day One of Mandatory post week and a half. Off to a lackluster start, I give you this

On the way home from school, we were treated to "Poop Goes the Weasel". No, not pop, POOP Goes the Weasel complete with sound effects. March 10 officially marks the day when I surrendered the struggle for polite and appropriate behavior, at least in private. Publicly I still do not promote burping, tooting, chatter about anything covered by shorts and all things potty. But in the name of humor and shameless pursuit of favorite parent, I repeated this song 7x!!!

I even sang along.

It is a dark day for me.


At 11:55 PM , Blogger DenaAB said...

What's next... Old MacDonald had a Fart? Little Rabbit Poo Poo? Love you! (its brian by the way)


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