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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things that make me smile

Yesterday we had parent teacher conferences for the twins. To summarize (Sam's new favorite word), they like school. School likes them. My favorite story from the 15 minutes with each of Aidan & Noah's teachers and aides was from "Miss Bobbie". Miss Bobbie is the aide from Aidan's class who Aidan **adores**. And it is mutual. Now once you know my twins, they are pretty easy to tell apart. Now, they are both blond haired, blue-eyed sweeties, but they have distinctions physically and their personalities are very very different. One day Miss Bobbie, who obviously was having an off day, tried to hustle Noah into her classroom. Noah stopped, looked up at her and said, "see this lunchbox? If you see a red lunchbox, then it is Noah" and scooted into his room.

I was a bit lamenting that Sammy is at the end of cute school projects. He did have Christmas projects, like his hand prints as reindeer antlers, but there was no class project for Valentine's. I was showered with hearts, adoration and doily projects from Aidan & Noah, and lots of squishy love from Sam. No construction paper produced from his backpack. My little man is growing up. But not by that much:

There were on their 100th day of school. He sported them then announced, "I can wear them with my 100 days hat and have an outfit."
In case you don't recall, here is the "hat" in question.

I am distressed that cameras get so close to Hillary's face now that she is Secretary of State. I don't recall quite that much detail as a senator!


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