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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Adventure Seekers

Yesterday, we took the boys to see the USS Nautilus, the first submarine to pass under the North Pole. We got to go through the docked vessel and predictably they loved the torpedo chambers and periscopes. We had to pry them out of the simulation room where they could work the wheels, flip the switches and spin the dials. We managed to get out without any paraphernalia except the free "Future Sailor" stickers. Except spoiling daddy managed to secretly buy pens, complete with floating submarines inside. There is a reason he's the favorite. The minute we got home they had to sit down to use them.

Lost in drawings, they have the best chatter about what they are drawing and why. They sit and draw and color and get consumed in their projects. It is really fun to watch. Yesterday, I had to laugh to hear them announce their aspirations, with little minds full of submarines. To date we have paleontologist, naval officers, who drive backhoes (or wrecking balls or cranes or diggers...) while owning their pizza restaurant (called Aidan's Awesome Pizza) and while teaching artists and running races.

Here are a few pix from the past few months that have inspired their aspirations.

Eric, you are the coolest! I wished we had something more that our camera phones.

I think this may be on the short list of my favorite pic of Aidan. That is a blissed out boy!

after running their first race.


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