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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

On the road

Fantasy play is in full swing. Interestingly Sammy gets lost in pretend games right along with Aidan and Noah. They march around parroting Backyardigans ditties, dissolve into roles and have very detailed rules that they all play by.

Recently, the theme was a trip to Buffalo. I'm thinking that being in Buffalo might be fun, but can assure you that getting there is no party. I spend about 50% of the time I plan on being there in advance planning. So even a long weekend takes me at least a few days to do laundry, pack bags, buy food, prep food, dole out activities into individual bags, clean the house, clean the car, empty the litter box, get the dog to his sitter, pay the bills, fill the tank, remember my shoes, plan to see everyone enough times for enough time, try not to go over my WW points. I do this enough that while I still make lists with sublists, it isn't really the uber stress that it used to be. The boys do travel well and we've got this process pretty much knocked out.

or so I thought.

All this time, I've been forgetting my Rudolph hat, stuffed animals, and Superman lunchbox filled with Little People.


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