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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

nevay evay evay predictable

this morning, we had extra time, a true rarity. we were all dressed, fed, clean-ish. it was really nice. it set the tone for a pretty terrific day. the boys were great, regular, rambunctious, wild and sweet. great. for some reason, noah asked if we could make mustard with my mustard seeds. i didn't know i had mustard seeds. he wanted to see them. extra time. sure.

turns out, they are nearly 10 years old, bought from martha stewart and her cute, stackable, moss green spice rack with wedding money. ok - true confessions folks, if you gave me money, it may have gone to buy an overpriced spice rack, which incidentally i still have and love, but don't truly need since the quatre epice is chock full.

anyway, he was having a little moment of discovery inspired by 10 days of montessori, touching, smelling and talking about the mustard seeds. i was sitting on the floor with him watching this investigation. i asked what it felt like. he said, "well, not like poop. i've never touched poop. it's soft. these are hard. not like poop."


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