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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Off to Can-yay-fo-nia

We had a yucky night last night. The twins were up and down with stomach cramps. They seem not too worse for wear this a.m. A little sleepy. They stayed home from school and have been productive after about 2 hours of tv coma. We've had several rousing games of Crazy 8's and then they posed for some pix, that they laid out themselves and then called out "take our picture". Try saying no to this:

A little bit later, they asked if I'd get down something from the closet for their trip to Can-yay-fo-nia (California) to play with Owen. I evidently get it for them fast enough.

So I'm seriously thinking about getting a job so they could go to school full time next year. In the meantime, Brian & Dean, I do try to keep an eye on them, but sometimes they put their head's together and get a jump on me. They are on the train now. Aidan is manually turning his own head to the camera.


At 4:23 PM , Blogger DenaAB said...

If only it were THAT easy...

By the way I am dreading the day I see a sight like those chairs stacked together, only I am thinking it will be Kasey not Owen who pulls that stunt!


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