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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

And Cape Cod has a beach too.

Gina and I went shopping during the holiday season. One stop was to Yankee Candle. Predictably all the holiday help was out in force, newly trained and upselling their jingle bell-wearing, cinnamon-smelling, ambiance-creating asses off. Yes, I have a basket. No, I don't need a wick trimmer. Yes, I am aware of the specials but don't have anyone on my list who will require a 2 litre of Evergreen Mistletoe Sugar Cookie with the optional 28" remote lighter.

We finally settle on our choices and make it over to the counter. And this is the conversation that transpired:

No, I don't need a wick trimmer.
Salesperson: Have you seen the lovely jar toppers. Your candle burns more evenly and without the black residue. (and shows me the average Yankee Candle with blackened insides and I'm thinking at least show me a competitor's lead-spewing candle)
Me: No, I'm all set.
Yes, I am aware of the specials. I'm all set with what I have.
SP: (while taking my information) 860 that isn't around here.
Me: No, it's in Connecticut.
SP: OOoooo. I love it out there. Me and my husband tried to go to Connecticut this summer. But it didn't work out.
Me: Where were you planning to go?
SP: Providence.
Me: (stunned into silence)....oh. It's nice there. I live in Mystic. (thinking it might ring a bell. with the Aquarium, Seaport, hell even Pizza!)
SP: Oh. I love that New England. Expecially Maine. I just love the lighthouse.

Again. Silence. Yes, "lighthouse" was singular and she did say eXpecially.

Stay in school, kids.



At 9:27 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

Oh, it's so sad. There is someone I work with at my "other" job who thought that Minnesota was in the south. Yikes!

At 4:08 PM , Blogger Ms. Blanchette said...

I wish that story didn't ring a bell, but it's ringing an entire tower's worth.


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