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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Key to a Happy Marriage

I exercised today. So I don't think I need to justify indulging in brainless reading material, especially since I am nearing the end of an 1100 page book (World Without End, Ken Follett). But, I confess, I was reading fluff and giggling about an article on "things they don't tell you before you get married". One of them was that your husband doesn't read minds any more than your boyfriend did. Another one was that your husband loves being married to you. The implication was that he isn't secretly pining after his single life. (yes, I know this not even as complicated as long division) Anyway, one woman went on to comment that she knows everyday how much her husband loves her because he tells her at least once a day that his only regret in life was not marrying her sooner. She continued by admitting that OK - he's never said that once, but she knows he loves her and if she waits for him to spew soap opera lines every day she's going to have a really unhappy marriage. End of story: a good sense of humor goes a long way!


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