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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Should be napping...

We've all had colds. I really don't mind the sniffles. As a family, we usually are snotty from October to April. We own two humidifiers and the BJs-sized Puffs Plus. Last night, Noah dialed it up a notch to crying because "it really really really hurt inside my ear." Did you know that holistic health suggests riding out an ear infection?? Well stare into the face of your agonized baby and listen to him cry and then try to tell him to suck it up three days.

Noah was up and crying and Aidan is snorky and not sleeping. Suddenly we were thrown back to infancy days with two crying babies. The only plus now is that they could at least tell us why they were crying.

Pluses end there because we were up for the next four hours. Noah slept in 15 minute jags, but couldn't stay comfortable. Finally Scott put on his pants to take him to the walk-in clinic. Oh glorious antibiotics!!!! But, I quickly (as quickly as I do anything on 2 hours of sleep) did the math and thought that may not be a good idea since it was 4:30 and they easily could have ended up there all morning. In a stroke of brilliance, Scott suggested tv. I took Noah to the couch and put on Sesame Street on-demand (the longest show I could find). He watched an entire episode while I slept. I woke up to him laughing about Mr. Noodle. By the time the second Sesame Street was over, he was blessedly fast asleep.

Two hours later, when he woke up, he popped up and cheered at the mention of breakfast. No sign of a fever. No sign of ear infection. We are utterly wiped out today but on the mend it would seem!


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