Whoa Mama

Thursday, November 08, 2007

one each?!?!

It was 32 degrees in the shade this morning. That's ok, we've all got three new winter coats and hats. Cute, poufy and most importantly very warm! They've got zip out liners, which also function as lighter coats. The twins have zip off hoods. All the extra zippers tuck away so they aren't bitey when exposed. Sam's has a hood that with an extra layer to keep it snug around his face. I grew up where, when it snows, it snows and snows!!! So I don't get to far into October without the right clothes. I was late this year, we are coastal now. I think the tags are still in the garbage can. But we were ready and it was cold this morning! And guess how many hats we were able to find this morning??

Dear Santa,
We'd like some back up hats & mittens.



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