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Thursday, November 01, 2007


First, a little something healthy before rotting our teeth out in one night.

Poor Sammy is trying to do his homework (mean teacher) on Halloween night. Are C's really that important?!?!
Kan't konsentraattee on forming C's mmuuussst make fish face.

We're still. No sugar yet.

What do you mean we can't sword fight?!?!

Aidan, was marching around the house chanting, "halloween, halloween, halloween, halloween, halloween, halloween, halloween, halloween"

Noah would only speak in pirate for six hours. (i.e. gravelling mean voice)

Damn hook hand gets in the way of my bag.

My cutlass is piercing my lung.

OK, now we're ready. But Mommy made it blurry. (I told them to stop making pirate noises and smile for a pretty girl pirate)
Over accessorized with hooks, hoops, cutlasses and facial hair.


At 1:05 PM , Anonymous Betty said...

Arghhh!! They look great!!

At 4:31 PM , Blogger Amber said...

Ella and Tess say: "MEEEOW, sailors!"

At 5:00 PM , Blogger mollymaureen said...

Omg. They are so cute. Between Kitties and Pengiuns and Pirates, I'd say it was a pretty successful halloween for this family.


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