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Monday, September 24, 2007

One Pound

At the gym this morning, I retreated into the sauna for a few peaceful moments after riding the bike for nearly an hour. The locker room was full of women having just come from a class together. Their mean age was, generously, 75. They were happy and chatty and I thought how lucky they all were to have each other.

Then I heard one woman say, " I read an article this weekend that said that if you have sex 65 times you'll lose a pound" They erupted in laughter and frankly, so did I. When things cooled, one woman queried, "Did they say how active you had to be? I'd think how active you are has a lot to do with things." Another woman added, "No, I don't think you can lie back and think about England and get your 1 pound."


At 8:15 AM , Blogger Amber said...

I'm just glad we'll still be talking about sex at 75! Maybe by then I'll have the energy to do it.


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