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Friday, July 20, 2007

Where to Begin

Do I start my first blog post in months with:
  • Bermuda highlights (dinner by candlelight on a private beach)
  • News of boys swimming like fish
  • Sammy's first trip to choir camp
  • Pix of the boys & their cousins at the Children's Museum
  • The general PSA that the twins have crossed over into the "Reporter" phase, constantly peppering anyone around with the W's - Why, Where, When, Who, hoW???
  • Highlights of Julie, Mike and Ada's trip to CT (first B-Lo friends to venture out)
  • Upcoming news: More friends visiting (Kelly & kids)! Going to visit friends (Finn & Parents!!!) Of course Harry Potter!!
  • Gripe of miserable bedtimes
  • Tales of other parenting disasters (direct quote from the babysitter: "It's chaos here!")
OK - I'll start/end with the comical. In a public restroom the other day, I hear from Aidan in the next stall, "Mommy, my penis is growing"


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