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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Since everybody who is anybody is posting pix of beautiful, perfect, precious Miles, I'm going to not follow the crowd and publish a happy birthday wish to Ken.

He's on the left and just turned 35. This is a throw back photo from when we all used to rent a house on Cape Cod in our early 20s and pat ourselves on the back for our very adult lifestyles. We would then proceed to drink ourselves silly gin & tonics while singing Dave Matthews tunes (or whatever Ken could play on his guitar) until the neighbors threatened to call the police.

Congratulations sweetie, you really are a big kid now!!! But if you bring your guitar down to Mystic, we can put that statement to test.


At 1:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those were the days my friends, we thought they'd never end...
Happy late birthday to both of you. Strange how life clouds the memory, but leaves some moments chrystal clear.
neighbors schmaybors!
love you guys,


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