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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gaiam Shmaiam

I know there is no magic bullet, miracle pill or quick fix to fitness. I get that! I know it is what you take in and how much you burn off. I also get that my biggest issue in this department is what I eat BUT I also exercise pretty faithfully. Yes, I have fads that come and go. I still love Tai Bo. I own and use a mini-trampoline. I run. I walk with the kids. I jump rope on my back patio. I do Pilates when the kids are watching t.v. I try to mix it up so as not to get bored and stop. So today, inspired by an awesome workout at the spa, I bought a new video. It was a Balance Ball workout. I own a Balance Ball. It has sat, deflated, in the bottom of my front hall closet on Brantford Place for quite some time. I have kicked it out of the way, piled shoes on it and wondered if I'd every use it again. The fact remains I have known where this stupid thing was... UNTIL TODAY!!!!!!! Today, when I am fired up and suited up, complete with the ever-inspiring new video, I cannot find it! I went so far as to try the workout on the boys' bouncy ball. Obviously that didn't exactly work.

So I am appealing to the Fairy of Organization (I don't think this requires the attention of St. Anthony).
Puh-leeease, for the sake of my
ass heart health,
let this damned ball fall out of whatever haphazard
home it is currently occupying.


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