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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter & Artists

Sometimes I think that the boys haven't changed that much recently. Here is last Easter, in falling down pants.

Here is this Easter, in high waters.
footnote: I've known where all three of those god-forsaken ties have been for the past 362 days, including for the 65 wedding anniversary party. You'll notice one is missing, grrrrr.

We have artists in the family. I am not one of them, but I carry the gene. I've produced one or two respectable paint-your-own pottery items, which is weird since I'm usually drinking wine there. My aunt also does breath-taking scrimshaw. My mom drew adorable pix of John & I when we were little. Obviously, John can draw. My grandfather did this among other astounding pieces of art work with nothing but an Exacto knife and some ink:
Sam did this. Now look closely. On the bottom part of the toy is the book that instructs you, in theory, on how to draw the object. In this case it is Luigi, the forklift from Cars. Seriously, he's not even five and that magnet pen is not constructed for precision.

Happy Easter, a repeat pic, but worth it! Miss you!!! Esther can make pearls work with *anything*!


At 12:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You switched Aidan and Noah's shirt! Is that supposed to trick us?

At 12:54 PM , Blogger Leah said...

oooo. Somebody is very perceptive!!


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