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Monday, April 09, 2007

I am a bad citizen

I have previously sung the praises of Sirius. I abhor Buffalo radio like many. I have only a few substitutes here in CT and most of them aren't even here. But on the list of adjustments, this one has been buffered by the blessed satellite radio. If only I could catch some Big Head Todd my preferred artist list would be complete.

The boys adore the station "KidStuff" and I can actually tolerate it. I can log in and listen at home to the CoffeeHouse and also indulge some guilty pleasures listening to Janet Jackson, Pearl Jam or Jim Croce. I really have passionate love for Sirius.

Every once in a blue moon, I get out of the house alone and can really indulge in the guiltiest of pleasures. I LOVE E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY!!!!

But the real confession is that I would rather listen to the R-rated comedy station than any music, Martha Stewart channel or scandalous doings of starlets. I laugh like a teenage boy at the f-word gratuitously bandied about and almost drove off the road thanks to Eddie Murphy's Raw. I apologize to southeastern CT for having my windows rolled down while listening to George Carlin's Seven Words you can't say on television. Do you know those words??? Oh my god!! I've heard of the skit, but never actually heard it.

I listened to it twice.

How is it that I can laugh so hysterically at words I don't think I've ever said?! I'm secretly a bad citizen, especially to any parent walking their children or elderly woman waiting for the bus, while George Carlin seered their ears. It's still better than Buffalo radio.


At 4:03 PM , Anonymous Julia said...

I got Sirius for Christmas and am now so addicted to Blue Collar it's sad!


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