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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ode to Sirius

How I love my Sirius!!! If you do not have it, get it! My best friend has been freaking out about it for the better part of a year. You have to understand, Colleen is truly passionate about very few things, her son, her husband, Survivor, the Sabres, Dave Andrychuk (that's going back a few years), and her Sirius Satellilte radio. Without slighting her the love, I never quite got it. Until last week!

You can choose the music you want to hear. There are hundreds of stations! You can choose the artists you love to come up on your "Artist Alert". Mine includes Traffic, Sting, Tracy Chapman, Janet Jackson, Jack Johnson (for the kids), Indigo Girls, Seals & Crofts. Then you usually get the great stuff that you might not ever hear unless you own the CD (Sting: Consider Me Gone, Tracy Chapman: Crossroads). I just love love love it!! I haven't even gotten to feed my news junkieness with the 12 news channels or the root of fabulousness MARTHA STEWART and E!

I have one question:

How is it that I can have Satellite radio but not talk on my phone in my car???????

A few suggestions for improvement on the next iteration:

1. Last station button - Like on your TV remote, I'd like to jump back to the previous station.
2. Ability to program in favorite bands - right now, you have to wait to hear someone you like then capture it in the memory. I'd like to be able to choose the music I want to hear. Namely, Blues Traveler & Alana Davis. I grabbed a random artist instead of Tracy Chapman. I gave him a listen for a few days. No love. The next TC song I heard replaced him on my Artist Alerts
3. Scrolling band/song info a la pop up video - this is just plain ol' dangerous, but like a true addict I'm seeking the next high!


At 10:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget that you can hear Sabres games too! As for news, I like the cnn station, sirius stars is great, and of course my secret passion on channels 100 and 101 :)
By the way, Survivor has been replaced with Dancing with the Stars:) Col


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