Whoa Mama

Friday, December 15, 2006

Ahh Friday

My dog is lying in pile larger than the approriate sized bed for a 110 lb dog,
my son is in his underware in reindeer ears doing yoga on my mat,
my fridge echos, there is an empty bottle of wine (only one),
I could weave a shawl from the lint on my rug,
my bathroom smells like we're potty training
Aidan and Noah are in *dry* big boy pants,
all boys have had baths (Sam this morning and A&N last night),
we donated food to the food drive this morning,
we've built a transcontinental railroad this morning,
I haven't ordered out once this week,
Sam's been on time to school every day,
we've made cheerio/noodle/dried bean christmas trees and four batches of cookies
and had time for

Thank goodness Scott comes home today!


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