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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bims Debunked

Isabella Dawn has the same birthday as Aidan Michael and Noah Thomas. They have been friend since they were about a year and a half old. Her mom and I exercise several times a week and the kids bond over juice boxes and Mommy’s crunches. They have had lots in common, but her mom and I have often marveled at how much they’ve changed and just how different they all are. Still, she loves Thomas the Tank Engine; they love Thomas the Tank Engine. She loves Teddy Grahams; they love Teddy Grahams. Similarities are waning. She’s started to do walking lunges and the boys steamroll each other. Yes, they are growing into their genders.

Tonight I walked in to their house met by Bella, in multicolored tights, paired with a leotard. This cha-cha outfit was accessorized with sparkly flower shoes, a feather-laden, jewel encrusted tiara and fairy wings. I was honored to be able to borrow the gigantic bead bracelet, but had to decline the fancy shoes I was offered. I revelled in the girly and thought back to a conversation I had with Noah today that was anything but.

Noah: Mommy, see dat hole.

Mommy: Yes, that’s a big hole.

Noah: Me fit dat hole?


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