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Monday, October 09, 2006

All Dressed Up With No Place To Go!!

My sweet & understanding husband said not word one when I announced that I was taking the day off today. He has been gone for 3 weeks, traveling for work. He's been home on weekends, and every second of the weekends has been consumed, by fun stuff, getting ready to leave again and just general Dadoration. Whist Scott was bringing home the bacon, I've been tending the sheep, who've been biten by mystery insects, inflicted with a stomach bug, potty training, needing to get to and from school on time and required babysitters so that I could go facilitate for other women the Girls Nite Out that I so desperately needed! I took today off, well the 24 hour day to be exact. I left yesterday to help Gina scrape, spackle and paint and then spend the night at my mom's.

One thing that I love and get to do so rarely is read the newspaper. So last night, I took a break from the walls and flipped throught the paper. I'll skip my commentary on current events and skip right this little bit of advice by Miss Manners that I am so relieved has been cleared up!


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