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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Where do babies come from?

Sam: Mommy, were we all in your belly together?

Me: No. First it was you. Then Aidan and Noah were in my belly together.

Sam: Baby Maeve was in Lisa's belly.

Me: Yep.

Sam: Was she in Mikey's belly?

Me: No.

Sam: Why not?

Me: Only girl's have babies in their bellies.

and now I've done it. Here it comes! But no

Sam, Aidan, Noah: weird little boy goofiness about who's got whom in their belly

Me in my head: whew. dodged the bullet, until

Sam: Mommy, will you have more babies in your belly

Me: No.

Sam: Why not.

Me: Just because.

And once again I dodge the bullet with grateful distraction on construction vehicles. If you ever got or gave a really good explation to the mother of all parenting questions, please forward it. I figure I've got a few days left before he drops it!


At 6:02 PM , Blogger Cecilia said...

My mom bought Lou and me a movie called Where Did I Come From when she was pregnant with Mary...I just saw it for sale on DVD the other day at FYE. It's a cartoon that explains the whole process. I enjoyed it, although I'm not sure I understood what they were talking about. I just thought it was a funny cartoon.


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