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Thursday, August 31, 2006

I think I can

I was running in the park with all three boys. They collectively weigh about 115 lbs. Even though they all fit into the stroller and it is built to accomodate up to 150 lbs, that thing is heavy! So on the final leg of the park, I slowed my already slow jog to a walk to make sure I didn't need them to get out and push their own stroller up the hill.
Sammy calls out, "faster Mommy, go faster!"
Honesty is the best poloicy here.
"Sammy, I'm pretty tired and this is a tough hill. I'm going to walk."
"Mommy, you can do it!"
"OK, I need you to help me. Can you give me some "I think I cans" evoking the LIttle Blue Engine.

He jumped right on board with that. He chanted the whole way. What a sweet supportive little man!

That's not all.

Monday we had a guest baby at Stroller Strides. Julia came to spend the morning with us. We all went to Stoller Strides. Miss Joy was nice enough to take Sammy in her stroller since her daughter was at school. Well, back at the hill, I hear, "I sink I cin I sink I cin I sink I cin." I looked down and Noah was ruminating in his seat, chanting and scooching me up the hill.


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