Whoa Mama

Monday, August 07, 2006

One Full Day!

My day started with Sammy announcing, "Daddy says my penis isn't a bone."

Can anyone beat that breakfast conversation?!

It is imperative that I next express many enthusiastic, heartfelt thanks to Gina for taking all of the boys all day with just a day's notice!!!! Scott & I got to run away for wine tasting, laughing, relaxing, full sentences and just general love. It was wonderful. It was needed. It was perfect!!!

We got home for some time with the boys, who chanted for us when we came in. I whipped together a pork loin, risotto and corn on the cob (eat your heart out, Rachel Ray!!!)

Then it was off to a Body Shop show where I had my highest show total all year!

It was a damn good day!!!


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