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Friday, June 30, 2006

Amazing Little Boy

Sammy had a few real zingers while weather having his little mended.

While running into the hospital, through real live tears and lots of fear, he whispered, "Mommy, look to the right." It was the display case lining the entrance to the ER, loaded with 1970's toys. I was the first time he stopped crying.

He had to get an iv drip of a sedative. I am in silent agony. My baby is getting a needle in his arm and a sedative!! He just looked at me and I talked to him the whole time. When they finished, he picked up his arm, looked at the lead they left in his arm and said, "hmmm. that's funny."

Picture this: he's strapped to the table with a 400 lb male nurse leaning over him to hold his arm still. He is in absolute terror and screaming like it too. They've given him a second and third dose to numb his finger. The saintly nurse practitioner says, "Mom, we've just poked him with a needle. He doesn't feel anything" Still Sammy is howling, with reason. Again, I'm just telling him that he's doing great, he's being brave, it will all be ok........Suddenly he stops crying, scrunches up his face and says, "Mommy, can you itch this spot. Right here. Yep, there." His little forehead was tickling him.

And my favorite: After the nurse practitioner gave us the gauze, antibiotics, tape and instructions, I said, "wow Sammy!! Check out all this stuff. There's three things that we're going to put on your finger to help it heal. Can you believe all this stuff just for one finger?!" Sammy said, "For my finger and no finger's else's!"

Two days and one dressing change later, he's doing great and everything looks like it is healing well. We're looking forward to switching to SpongeBob band-aids on Monday.


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