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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

The limo was late.

The photographer got lost.

The bridesmaid passed out.

The ring bearer got the willies.

The limo got a flat.

The groom cried.

The bride didn't.

There was lots of singing.

There was a ton (this is an actual weight) of seafood eaten.

There was the dancing.

There was a boy and a girl, the vows and two rings.

And each of the seven years since has been better than the last.

I love you!


At 7:11 PM , Anonymous Molly D. said...

OOOOOOOOOOH I WAS THE BRIDESMAID THAT PASSED OUT!!!!!!! I'm so sorry, my lovies, I really didn't mean it. (Honestly though, did the choir sing for, like, a really super long time?) And anyway, by all accounts, it was graceful and very weddingy. Sort of romantic, non? A wee bit Jane Austen for yeh? I do what I can. Anyway, wow, seven years? For real? Yowza. Congratulations, you guys. Hm, isn't that the "itch" anniversary? (BTW, When's the next itch? Is seven years IT? One itch year for EVER?) Well, good luck. And here's to the next seven!
Love love love.


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