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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

In with both feet

Monday after reading, prepping, planning, stocking up on goldfish crackers, piling up big boy underpants, we did not put diapers on and dove into potty training.

We put big boy pants on their big teddy bears and rewarded the bears with goldfish for keeping them clean and dry. This went well. We played, read, drank juice, and rewarded clean and dry boys. Then the juice kicked in and things really picked up. No major changes, but they were getting it. Neither of them particularly like being dirty or wet. They also dig wearing underpants with Nemo and Thomas on them.

When I briefly left them to answer the phone, Noah pooped and ran to me to tell me. It was in the bathroom so I felt that was positive. Clean underpants and a couple of goldfish and on we go.

They were playing in the living room and I was getting out the crayons in the kitchen. They were eerily quiet. I came out to find them body buttering themselves and the table.

We moved to coloring at the kitchen table. Smart move by me since the kitchen floor is tile, as opposed to hardwoods or carpet like the rest of the house. Daddy came downstairs and Noah peed all over the floor. We cleaned up the boy and the mess and Scott was off to pick up Sam.

In the 30 minutes between the time Scott left and came back, I washed the floor three more times. Yes 3 more times!!!

Lunch then ahhh precious nap time. I confess: I was really happy to put them in diapers.

9 pairs of underwear for them and three pajama bottoms for me, but I was feeling positive, even perky after the shower.

After nap, Noah woke up and said, "Popppy!" (translation: potty) Awesome!!

All in all, things were looking good. The kitchen floor was freakishly clean. The boys were kind of into it.

Until Tuesday, when Aidan lost it first thing in the morning about putting his big boy pants on. OK, diaper until after breakfast. Not the consistency I'm looking for. Also Sammy was home, so I was sort of ceding to lots of Sesame Street.

Sammy just didn't understand. He was feeling really neglected and showed it. Which I may have been able to work with, were it not for walking into the bathroom with A & N dangling from the pedistal sink naked chanting, "hanging". Without detailing all the ugly, the morning ended with Aidan and Noah in diapers and us all letting off lots of steam in the back yard.

The icing on the cake was the full potty of pee we found that night. It was Sammy's. We'll try again in the fall when Sam was in school.


At 1:59 PM , Blogger Jen14221 said...

Exactly how old are the kids? Mine is 2.5 years exactly and shows little to no interest in the potty. Oh well. Loved your post - funny!

At 2:11 PM , Blogger Leah said...

Two and four yesterday and the day before. Their interest is only passing and mostly b/c their big brother is a pro!


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