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Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring Has Sprung!

Ahhhhhh! Sprung from winter's house arrest and loose to run to their heart content on the porch. Over the winter, our porch also serves as beverage cooler, christmas tree recepticle, smokers lounge, etc. Now it is a giant playpen.

But wait! What the? Hey!!

Simmer down! Hang up the phone to the Mother of the Year Committee- they're closed. They were on the porch from the winter. The boys went out to play with trucks. Sammy announced he was the recycler. At least we're raising an environmentally responsible citizen.

And the fun continues!

And when running trucks gets old. There is the age old sport of hurling. Balls, trucks, Little People (not small folks, the Fisher Price brand).

A game that's fun for all ages.


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