Whoa Mama

Monday, March 20, 2006


To give Sammy something to do while walking the mall, virtually my only source of exercise in this dismal weather, I usually ask him to find all the letters in his name. We can also count a particular letter. Occassionally we'll try to find the entire alphabet.

Last week, we decided we'd go for the full alphabet. As a joke, I said, "do you want to do it forward or backwards?" He was feeling saucy and said, "backwards." "What are we going to look for first?" He says, "Z, then Y, the X, W,V, U." pause "T, S, R, Q"

This is how it continued. In reverse order right through to A!

I rarely indulge in bragging, but he's not even four and recited the alphabet in reverse!!!

The first time I did that was at 20 and I was, shall we say, not sober.


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