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Monday, March 06, 2006

Above Water

This may or may not have a solid point, just a serious gripe.

After a minor leak turned into a major plumbing project, I got everyone out of the way to my mom's for the weekend, leaving Scott to deal with it and Mikey & Lisa to have to live with all of it. The house was a mess when I left and it's worse now. There are easily 6 loads of clean, albeit unfolded laundry, toys everywhere, foot tubs to wash, a winter's worth of dog crap on the front lawn (and it's getting warm), a fridge full of leftovers with no hope of a good dinner in its folds. There are live piles of dirt around my house. I have a freakishly discolored front tooth. My brown hair is the color of the offensiveness on the front lawn. I walked in the door with 6 bags, not including the grocery bags, to unload and put away. I had two voicemails from consultants on my team.

I don't know what to do first. At least I didn't. The twins went to work on Sam's trains which they'd been away from for three days. The kitchen is clean and I think I want to just take a book in there and ignore the rest of it!!! BUT I MUST do wash, the twins favorite blankets have, we'll just call it wetness.

I've got a consultant to launch tomorrow and another consultant launching her first recruit. They are promising. It is exciting. I couldn't be happier for them. I'm really happy to see the team growing. I have no time to talk to anyone right now.

Next I'm off to scoop poop. I'm scheduling in folding/hanging laundry for after the boys go to bed and I can have some wine to dull the ache in my neck while straining to reach the top of the pile.

Like there isn't enough to bitch about, now I hear that South Dakota and Mississippi are out there restricting access to abortions! Just when I thought my head was going to be above water.


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