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Friday, March 03, 2006

Go Fish

Normally I am ethical and honest. When it comes to children's games, I'm as slippery as they come. If I can shorten a game of Candyland, I'll switch the cards when he's not paying attention so he won't get the cursed candy cane that sends him all the way back to the beginning. Or as I did today, I will fudge things to make sure I don't wollop him twice in a row.

Today we were playing Go Fish. My first hand: 1-1-4-7-7. Sam's first hand: 2-4-8-9-10
In other words, I win....quickly.

The second hand was similar. In other words, I was going to end up with one card to which he had the match. So when it was my turn, I lied....ok I admit it...I lied and asked for a 2. He didn't have a 2 and nor did I.

Well about 10 turns later, he pulls a 2 and happily announces, "I have a 2 just like you, Mommy. Can I have your 2?" I said, "oh, where is my 2? Hmmm, I don't know where it is?" "You had one, Mommy? Let me check your hand."



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