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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bedtime for Francis

We've just gotten to the age where Sammy can really appreciate the precocius little Francis (who I just learned is a badger, not a bear). He's started to giggle at the silly lines like, "U is for Underwear down in the dryer".

Tonight Francis's repeated bedtime antics seemed to resonate with Sam.
On her third trip out of bed, she was sure there was a giant in the corner of her bedroom:
She went into the living room.
Mother and Father were watching television and having tea and cake.
Frances said, "There is a giant in my room. May I watch television?"
"No," said Mother.
"No," said Father.
Francis said, "The giant wants to get me. May I have some cake?"

He snickered through this entire section. I swear I think he it was a guilty chuckle. Or that was his evil laugh and he was cataloging the tactic for his next attempt to put off bedtime.

I dig Francis because her father threatens a spanking, she calls her best friend fat, her mother lets her eat jam and bread and she detests her sister for having a birthday. And with that, her parents love her, she has friends and she's totally normal.


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