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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Send Me Your White Light!

I have this friend from college who was always among the more metphysical people I've known. "Send the white light" was her "Break a Leg" "Good Luck" "Knock 'em Dead!"

Well readers....if there are any....SEND ME YOUR WHITE LIGHT!

If you know me, you know that I've got a home-based business that I've been diligently working at for the past 3+ years. I've decided that this is the year it really goes someplace. And whether or not I make the incentive trip to Cancun, I'm working this thing like crazy b/c I really believe it can be huge. I'm mean I believe in it. I believe in the company. I believe in the products. I really, truly believe that I can do it.

Faith is one thing, but as a business person, I also *know* that it takes above the average amount of work to make that happen. Tomorrow, I'm jumping off the average cliff. Hold on to your hats: I'm hanging flyers. Now before you click through to see what Google says the next blogger needs, I'm hanging about 40 of them as far as a tank of gas can carry me and Aidan and Noah will allow while being dragged in tow. Now what I'm doing isn't a risk, but it is labor intensive. It's going far beyond what I have done and just by geography it can really make things happen.

For me, for what I've been doing with the business, for where I'd like it to go, this is a big deal. It is one of several initiatives I've got planned for the next few months with the hope of promoting to Director by our national conference. Promoting to Director gets me a chair with my name on it (I love things with my name on them!!) and it gets me a job that allows me to continue my most important and favorite job as Mommy.

So send me your white light and I'll send it back to all of you who are following your heart and doing the right thing.


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