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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Single Parents

The single parent has the most difficult job on the planet. I am eternally grateful that I am part of a happy, loving couple in which we support each other, communicate and overall partner in this endeavor we call parenting.

Scott has been in Philadelphia since yesterday morning.

He happily told me that he was going away for "a day". Which really means he'll only be gone for "a night". Which reaallly means that I've been alone with my dear sweet children since yesterday morning.

About the single parenting comment, with all my being I believe that there is a special place in heaven reserved for single parents. Now, I know that like having twins, single parenting isn't something that you get a vote on. My reverence for single parents is built on my respect for the challenges and keeping the balance, not the goofy "wow! how do you do it?".

I have come to believe that the 24 hour, constant, no-break part of it would do me in! After 48 hours of dressing, feeding, playing, changing, reading, disciplining, loving and negotiating, I'm cooked. And in said 48 hours, both my mom and Betty were here for about 2 hours each so I wasn't even unsupported! What put me over the edge was having to bring all three kids to my annual physical. I thought, "it won't be that bad. Sammy's a really good boy and he'll be fine for a few minutes." He was so wound up that the doctor, a really cool woman who has young kids, called him on poking Noah so hard it made him cry! She had to take my blood pressure twice to make sure it wasn't really that high.

By the end of the night, everyone was in bed at 6:20 because they were all so tired and it was just the kind thing to do for Sam who did the exact opposite of absolutely everything he should have beendoing. I told him that I loved him very very much and he is a good boy. He quickly added "but I've made lots of bad decisions today".

OK. Good Night. We'll try again tomorrow. Thankfully Scott will be home by then.


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