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Friday, January 06, 2006

Potty Training - Day 6

This has not been the "consistent" effort that every book will tell you is essential to potty training. We're starting with the basics: the bathroom is not a forbidden place and the first point of attraction should not be throwing your hands *into* the potty (the big OR the little one).

My ultimate hope for potty training lies on Sam (sorry for the pressure, kid). What Sam does, the boys do. I figure that this is one department that I should maximize this fact. Well we were in the middle of our bathtime routine tonight and Sam was taking care of business. Aidan wasn't taking that lying down. He needed is diaper OFF! Then proceeded to brush his teeth on the potty. Not to be outdone, Noah had his turn and upped the ante by announcing, "PEE".

He should have follow it with "PSYCH!"


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