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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy Birthday to John

Christmas is over. Sam can no longer be bothered. He wanted to know when his birthday was coming. We went through the upcoming holidays, including Valentine's Day and John's birthday among others. Well he jumped on John having a birthday next week and announced that John needs a crown.

That was yesterday. Today we talked about what should go on the crown. Winnie the Pooh sounded like a good idea. Then he said, "and he needs muffins" "A Muffin?", I affirmed. "No. Two muffins," he corrected. "Two muffins," he repeated while patting his ears, "right here. And one in the back".

I'm only publishing this because I know John doesn't read blogs and the rest of you are sworn to secrecy since the image of John wearing his Pooh/muffin crown will be best when he is totally surprised by it.


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