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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Magic

This is the first year I truly feel that the magic of Christmas is my responsibility to create. This is not a feeling of omnipotentence, rather a sweet, tender love for three year old who believes. Sure the 19 month olds will enjoy the barage of goodies on Christmas, but they have a list of favorite carols, frost the cookies, act as guarding over the Advent calendar and give those beaming smiles coupled with twinkling eyes for every mention of Santa. He had a sleigh on his Advent calendar chocolate and announced, unprompted that Santa would be coming on his sleigh! Every day, it is a topic of conversation, so that if the kid's head is about to explode in 9 days that it is probably my fault since I've had the All Xmas All the Time radion station on for three weeks, light the tree 14 hours a day and bring him to the mall three times a week [legitimately for an exercise class, but its got decorations, trains and Santa's every dripping from every surface]. I feel like Scott and I are on this covert mission to make magic and in the process regressing ourselves to the youthful glee that makes this time of year so special.



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