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Friday, October 28, 2005

South Beach

Trying and trying to jiggle a little less, I've resorted to South Beach. Eggs, turkey, cheese, nuts, seafood - fine. I can hunker down, steel my resolve, especially when I'm just at home. I went to Wegmans for seltzer and dog food at 10pm the other night. I pranced happily past the candy bars, barely took note of the bulk M&Ms and breezed by the ice cream. Only to nearly broken at the checkout when the "groceries" of the man behind me came gliding up. That jerk was getting 2 gallons of ice cream which were obviously intended to compliment the mouthwatering perfection that was a conconction from the bakery topped with fresh strawberries and white chocolate curls.
Damn him.


At 5:09 PM , Blogger P.B. Publico said...

Don't sweat the jiggling too much. I am reminded of the old blues lyrics,
"I like a big-legged woman
With meat shakin' on her bones.
Baby, who is your husband?
Tell him to go on home."


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