Whoa Mama

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Where There's Smoke

I try to do everything
I really do
Some days I’m quite lucky
If I just make it through

Three beautiful boys
and their wonderful dad
Laundry, meals, cleaning,
playing and organizing the lads

Moms know we do it all and
Dads appreciate it too
Then comes the bad day
When it crashes in on you

Dust bunnies are high but
the veggies were all there
To make rataouille
It’s an easy recipe, I swear!

I was warming the oil
for loads of garlic to brown
Sammy was couch bound
He needed a movie to ward off the frown

I’d cleaned up puke twice
Knew my day was going to be rough
Kept the babies in the kitchen
Apart from Sam, they’d be less tough

Negotiating movies
Quickly sucked in I got
Dumbo, Pan or Nemo???
When a fire burst in the pot!

All’s well that ends well
And well we all are
Seeing flame in my kitchen
Will cause me permanent scar!

It was a manageable grease fire
Causing much fright to me
Scott blogging it to everyone
Well he can just bite me!

Back to normal we go
As normal as we get
Reading, playing, running
how to get it all in when there’s two diapers wet?!

PS - if you're wondering
It was a very useful pot
If your shopping for Xmas
I need a new one A LOT!!!


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At 11:45 PM , Blogger Scott said...

You're cute!


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