Whoa Mama

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Sammy and I were having a detailed chat about our plans for the next day. It happened to be the day before we were going to help Cecelia decorate the cupcakes for Mike & Lisa's wedding cake. He wanted to know about the cupcakes, what was going to be on them, where we'd go after the Gar-bey's. Could he eat the cupcakes? Then we got to the heavy stuff. What's a wedding?

It's not the heaviest ever. He asked my mom who Jesus was once. It was the heaviest I think I've ever gotten. I'm equal to the task. I think.....

I tell him that when two adults love each other very much they get married. I think I throw in something about becoming a mommy and a daddy. Enough for the three year old mind to ponder.

He quietly digests this. And tells me, "When we leave the Gar-bey's, I'm going to get married so that I can have cupcakes too." So much for the meaningful moment.


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At 3:52 PM , Blogger lisa said...

why do you think we got married?


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