Whoa Mama

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Much bidding, anticipation and some last minute patience and I am now the proud owner of the Jogger Stroller brand Triple Jog Stroller. It is only 2 years old and the previous owner used it until her oldest was 5! I am thrilled!!! I have an appointment to pick it up. It will fit in the back of my van and it even comes with the sun shield. You would think I've just hit the jackpot. Or that I've gotten insta-liposuction. I've come to believe that this is the only hope I have for dropping pregnancy weight that is so stubbornly lingering.....stay tuned for news on that front! At very least these boys will get some fresh air and sunshine everyday.


At 10:15 PM , Blogger Garvey said...

I just wanted to be the first ever person to comment on your blog. congrats on the stroller!


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