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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Feeding Time

Just can't wait until we are done with formula. We should actually be about one month away. Then I realized today that what they are already eating is just going to increase! An almost three year old and 2 almost one year olds and this is what got us through the past 2 meals:

¼ Melon
10 Pancakes
2 Bananas

4 slices turkey
Handful cheerios
2 slices provolone
1 ½ cups of yogurt
Two pears
½ cup grape tomatoes
¼ cup baby carrots
Grilled cheese sandwich
¼ cucumber

Forget school, I need an investment account to feed them through the teenage years!


At 7:38 PM , Blogger Jen14221 said...

My kid ate cheerios today. And Easy mac. Nothing else. Same as yesterday and the day before. I am going crazy here.

At 11:12 PM , Blogger Leah said...

At least they're eating! My friend literally chases her daughter around with a plate of food. Meanwhile, I'm hoping to branch out from my steady diet of coffee and cheerios cast-offs!
love your "picture"


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