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Sunday, April 24, 2005

If you give a boy a daffodil

There is a wonderful and silly series of books that create a goofy trail of events that are all started with one seemingly harmless action. If you give a pig a pancake, she’ll want syrup, get sticky, need to wash and on and on and on until you are back at giving her another pancake.

Well, Dad brought Sam a little daffodil plant, so we had to put it in the sun. We had to water it. So we needed a cup. Then we had extra water in the cup. So we had to water the other plants. Then he had to put the cup in the dishwasher, but it was full so we had to empty the dishwasher. He sorted the silverware. Which led to an instructional by Sam to the twins on who uses the knives (Mommy and Daddy only). While he was on the chair he looked into the backyard and wanted to go play. So we all went to play in the yard. Where there are daffodils growing and Sam needed to pick one, so we had to put it in water…….

Admittedly, there is a bit of license here with the timeline. But as we read, as we call them, "Pig a Pancake"
and "Mouse a Cookie" tonight, I thought this is literally every day of my life, except my title would be “If you give a Mommy a Clorox Wet Jet”.


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