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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Baby Socks

Baby socks should be single-use items. I pretty much suck at keeping my laundry up as it is. So when everything is folded, hung and in their respective piles for distribution, it is so deflating to see a mound of socks filling the bottom third of the basket.

I apologize to all of you who are in the “baby sockies are so cute” phase. They are small, annoying, don’t go in with their friend and certainly *never* come out that way. The island of mismatched socks rides around in the bottom of my basket for so long that when the pair is finally reunited, one is sparkling clean and warm from the dryer and the other is dusty, ragged and probably been used to mop up a minor spill.

But heaven forbid you leave your house with a sock-less baby. I’ve gone so far as to go out with shoes and no socks. Perfect strangers feel the need to point this out. I’m afraid a bout with PMS will someday get the better of me and I’ll drag this poor, unsuspecting do-gooder home and suffocate her in the orphaned sock pile that is equal to my children’s weight.

I think my lost sock pile will evolve into single-use items. I’m going to stuff them into a tissue box and start using them to clean my bathroom.


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