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Monday, June 06, 2005

What the diaper covers

So they are all boys, my children. I've got this whole business that is uncharted territory to me. The total fascination and treatment of the penis. The other day Noah sat up with his diaper off and poked at his manhood, slowly, then would pop his hand away like it was on fire. I, of course, let him do this for my own entertainment until I was afraid that he was actually waiting for it to do something. Knowing what it typically does, I covered it up. Aidan always always always checks to make sure it is still there. Sam, entirely unprovoked, whipped his bathing suit off at my dad's pool and flung it into the air. That was the way he spent the rest of the afternoon. Thank goodness for spray sunblock! I've had to adjust Sam now and again since he is potty trained and things don't always go back to where they fit best under all those clothes. He's into shaking after the potty. Because it is so little and drops can be so stubbourn, the shaking can get quite aggressive. And speaking of peeing, the child will drop trow *anywhere*. A friend had to whisk him out of the duck pond exhibit at the zoo after he announce, "I gone pee on this tree". We weren't quite so lucky when, coming in from a walk, he again announced, "I gonna pee outside" and he was already in position to pee into the hole in the front porch for all the neighborhood to see. Just call me Ellie Mae. I know I've got to get used to the peni, but I don't think it's too much to ask for a little less exhibitionism. I'm not holding my breath.


At 3:32 PM , Blogger K.C. said...

Ah...yes...the penis. Ryan also thinks that his is worthy of much abuse knows that it is a wonderful source of entertainment. I cringe when he's in the tub and he'll shout to the next room "come her mom, I need to show you something". He's also recently renamed his equipment and matter-of-factly refers to them as his "grapes". I somehow think his father had something to do with that...
Now that the weathers getting warm he's also learning that things tend to get a little sticky down there. It's hard not to laugh out loud when you see a four year old stop dead in his tracks and do something that closely resembles the (balet move) plie. He loves the fact that I now allow him to apply some baby powder.

At 9:02 PM , Blogger Leah said...

I'm laughing out loud now!!! At least "the grapes" are a general term and not a buddy with a proper name.


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