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Friday, November 04, 2005

That's it!

Sometime in our youth, we all begin to active prevent pregnancy. For the longest time, it is easily the worst event that could befall a person. You whisper about it and the unlucky couple. What will they do?

Then inevitably women's bodies kick in and yearn for what they are designed to do. Against the odds, our cellular units connect. And we have a baby! That was so much fun, we did it again! Whoops, how'd that other one get there?!

Here we find ourselves, 33 years old, 3 beautiful boys and better than even chance that we could jump from having 3 to 5 kids since we've already had multiples once. We have our family. Vibrant, bright, funny Sam. Cuddly, happy, thoughtful Aidan. Silly, adventurous, energetic Noah. My Scott, perfect husband, daddy, partner. Throw in the animals - we are full. Blessed, happy and whole. And full.

How strange it is to have come full circle, with another pregnancy being the furthest thing from my plans. After lots of reflection, we decided that there is no time like the present. With the surgical help of Dr. Chazen, we are officially done. Kudos to Scott for being the strong, admirable man that I love so much and going for the much-dreaded vasectomy. And now it is official. We have our family.

Weird. Happy. Done.


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